Marketing Campaign Steps: Create One in 5

If you are an entrepreneur and you are thinking of starting to value the Internet to improve the visibility of your company, you must follow a series of steps to properly structure the path you want to take. There are 5 essential phases when elaborating an Online Marketing Plan and starting a Digital Marketing Campaign Steps.

Situation Analysis

Before starting any Marketing strategy, it is necessary to analyze your business. What do I sell? Is it a product or service? Is it a product with differential services?

This is the first question that needs to be asked to get started. Once we are clear about this, we will analyze where our strengths and weaknesses are in relation to the competition.

On the other hand, it is important to analyze the macro data on the global economy, the legal framework where we develop our activity, the global situation of our industry, etc.


After conducting an in-depth analysis of our situation, both internally and externally, we have to start a diagnosis of what we should improve and where we should improve it. A fundamental tool is to create a SWOT Matrix.

Identify the main objectives

After analyzing and diagnosing what we can improve and offer, we have to establish the objectives of our campaign on what we would like to achieve with our Digital Marketing Campaign. Such objectives can be both quantitative (reaching a certain number of sales) and qualitative (improving our brand recognition). Even so, it has to follow the SMART rule:

Specific – Specific. Be concrete and leave no room for doubt.
Measurable – Measurable. That we can measure them in order to know if we are meeting them.
Achievable – Achievable. They should not be excessively difficult to achieve to avoid discouragement.
Realistic – Realistic. They cannot be something without
Time-Based – With a specific date. We have to know by when they must be accomplished.

Once we have determined the objectives we are going to focus on and the period of time to achieve them, it is time to choose the way to achieve these objectives, we will do this by defining the strategy we are going to choose. If our objective is a branding campaign, for example, we have to choose the strategy to follow: Is SEM our main alternative? Do we offer free products? Is a mailing campaign better? Am I more interested in social media? All these Digital Marketing Tools will be the ones we will use for our Marketing Campaigns.

Action Plan

After defining the strategy to follow and the objectives we have, is when we start to think about what tools we will use, the actions we will start and make a roadmap on how we are going to do it.

For every Digital Marketing Campaign, it is necessary to elaborate a structure. If you do not follow a structure, you can be losing efficiency by not being focused.

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