Don’t think too much

I am working on my first real project. It is an event website for triathlon.

You can find some pages where you can find events from just one country or one brand that show all their events around the world, like Ironman.

But is quite hard to find events from France on a UK website, for example. That’s the reason for my first project. But I have some code limitations and I try to think too much about how to get the data.

I think maybe I should first do it easy and then automatic it. Not in the other way.

In 2011 I spent one year in London and I had a job as a bar staff. One bar mate sometimes told me “don’t think too much, just do it”, because I spent too much time making some drinks.

With this project, I have to do the same. Don’t think too much and just do it, in the easier way to finish it

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