Starting to build Projects

My Thoughts

  • Marketing Campaign Steps: Create One in 5
    If you are an entrepreneur and you are thinking of starting to value the Internet to improve the visibility of your company, you must follow a series of steps to properly structure the path you want to take. There are 5 essential phases when elaborating an Online Marketing…
  • Remove Bullet Points from a website List using CSS
    This is a very quick video with a simple way to remove bullets from an unordered list using CSS
  • Create an Anchor Link in HTML
    In this video, We are going to create an anchor link in HTML. This is something basic in HTML and you can use it to send users to any place on the page. If you have any questions, let me know đź‘Ť
  • Create a Reverse-Ordered List in HTML
    This is a very simple trick to learn how to change the order of any list in HTML. Sometimes you would like to order your list from 10 to 1 for example. But in HTML the default way is starting from 1 or even you can change the…
  • Don’t think too much
    I am working on my first real project. It is an event website for triathlon. You can find some pages where you can find events from just one country or one brand that show all their events around the world, like Ironman. But is quite hard to find…